About Kassie

Based out of Annapolis, Maryland, I'm your go to gal if you're in need of some incredible couples photos! Armed with a Photography and Business degree from Central WA University, I've spent the past four years on a mission to turn your love story into an absolute visual masterpiece! 

I'm Kassie!

Hey there lovebirds,

But fear not, my friend! I've got this whole 'natural posing' thing down to an art form! I can almost guarantee I'll make you laugh and help break down any awkwardness to make sure you're feeling your absolute best during your shoot.

For me, your session is not just about snapping a few photos. It's an *experience* filled with real smiles, genuine moments, and making memories that will warm your heart for years to come.

I understand that getting in front of the camera can be intimidating...

This magical device that could freeze moments and turn them into timeless little treasures. Even as a little girl, I marveled at the power to relive a snippet of time for decades to come.

Fast forward to high school, and that's where my love for photography blossomed into a full-blown affair. Shutter clicks became the soundtrack to my adventures, and the world through my lens transformed into a canvas of emotions and stories.

And since I've always been a hopeless romantic, my love for photographing couples naturally unfolded. Seeing two people wrapped in each other's arms, brimming with happiness... it genuinely warms my heart.  I believe that everyone deserves to hold in their hands a collection of photos that narrate their unique love story.

It's more than a job; it's a passion

It all started with my mom's camera

You'll find me indulging in my favorite shows, from the timeless humor of FRIENDS to the suave world of Suits. Fueling my creativity? An iced Mocha in hand, always. And let's not forget my love for furry friends – dogs steal my heart every time.

When I'm not behind the lens

Maybe you can relate?

favorite snack

Chips. Like any kind of chip, honestly. Barbecue, salted, sour cream and cheddar...

Go to karaoke song

It's always been Before He Cheats by  Carrie Underwood (not exactly a love song, I know haha!)

what i'm watching

Probably 'Friends, but I also love 'Gossip Girl', 'Greys Anatomy', and 'Outlander',

my starbucks order

Definitely an ice cold Pink Drink w/ extra coconut milk (Or an Iced Mocha at local coffee shops)

"Her fun, adventurous, personal style allows for laughs and comfort during your photo session."

Aubrie S.

She had lots of ideas for poses, had music going to make it a fun atmosphere...10/10 recommend!

Nicole B.

Sound like we're a perfect fit?

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